Myself, like most people my age am finding that life at this stage of the game, is rather odd.  Do you remember when we were younger and all we wanted to do was grow up and be an adult?  I remember the feeling of wanting to control my life and what I got to do each day. I craved that.

Then right after college “ADULTING” hit us. Boy, was that a reality check…. What is this bill, & how do I pay it?  For most, this happened in our early 20s.  That sweet spot of not partying too much because you had to “adult” but still living it up every so often because YOLO.

Then, the adjustment started to become a bit easier and you found that this whole being a grown up thing isn’t all that bad.  I remember that moment as well.  Thinking to myself, “I GOT THIS.”

So here is what you should know about me.  I am 27 years old, married, no children, & no clue what my life will look like in 5 years.  I like to think I’m an outlier at this point in my life.  Mainly because I don’t have children and at times the pressure I feel to have them causes enough stress to feel like I’m back in college again.

No one prepares you for when you are approaching 30 though.  It’s not like there is a manual for each year of your life and how to get through it.  Sometimes I feel like I am behind, while other times I feel like I am way ahead.  If you’re reading this and you feel the same way, don’t worry, I am sure almost everyone else does too.

So, I’m 27 basically going on 40.  I recently switched careers.  A little bit of my inner 21 year old “YOLO” gave me the courage to do that after an enormous amount of success at my previous one.  Let’s talk finances.  They DEFINITELY don’t prepare you for that.  Don’t get me wrong, I am doing just fine in the finance department.  I have paid off my school debt, have a 6 figure income, can buy a $5 coffee every day if I want (21 year old YOLO), & don’t really stress about things concerning money.  Life should be GOOD right?

Well, I remember when I wanted the life that I have right now.  I thought that if I could just get there, reach these milestones, make a ton of money, have nice things, that magically I would feel pretty content.  We always tell ourselves to not think that way, but almost every single one of us do. Weird isn’t it?

I think that is the universe’s way of punking us.  We were raised to look for finish lines or  completions.  It’s just how humans are wired I suppose.  Trying to reach a finish line on your life will just put you on the hamster wheel of never-ending circles.

Realize this, you’ll never actually “make it” or “finally get there.”  Let me repeat that.

You will NEVER actually MAKE IT or finally GET THERE.

If you think that you already have, you’re wrong.  But if you keep giving your best self each day and you constantly work on self-improvement, you’ll still never cross a finish line, but you can feel satisfaction with exactly where you are in life.

You have to show up each day, do something different and better than the day before, & know that the finish line for “life” just doesn’t exist.

Cheers to continued “21 year old YOLO” moments & never-ending work toward your best life.





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