Wedding Recap: June 27, 2015

Hi friends!  So much has happened in 3 weeks since my last post! The most important change would be my last name!  I married my best friend on June 27, 2015 & honestly cannot get over how perfect the day was!

I could write three whole books on the details of that day but instead I will give you a small snippet of how it happened!

The days leading up to the wedding were nothing short of stressful and anxiety filled.  Like any bride would tell you, the nerves can really kick your butt.  I held it together with the help of my family, specifically my mother, and Seth, my husband.  We had a quick and laid back rehearsal Friday night and catered Chipotle for everyone afterwards.  Side note: Chipotle catering will change your life and will be a huge crowd pleaser. Not to mention we were eating Chipotle for dinner days after the fact.


Friday night I stayed at the hotel by the reception with my mother for my last night as a Hanrahan.  We sent Dad videos and talked about some things and looked back on many memories. Spending the night with my mother was certainly special to me. Saturday morning I was up bright and early at about 5am.  I went down to the hotel gym and ran about 4 miles while watching Family Feud & listening to worship music.  It relaxed me and set the mood for the day more than I can explain.

The plan was to not see Seth until later that day but we all ended up having breakfast together before starting the process of getting ready.  It was so nice to sit there with his dad and my family and just talk.  My hair stylist arrived at about 8am so I made my way upstairs and started the process of getting beautified.


Once that started the day started to fly by! My hair style was more than I could have imagined.  My makeup artist did wonders as well  for making me feel completely beautiful. Both of them played a huge part in that day. All the while, my bridesmaids were all in my room getting ready together and listening to music. Every single one of them looked stunning in the dresses they picked and hair styles they chose.  The whole morning was extremely laid back and casual, just as I wanted it to be.  As soon as my makeup was done we got word that the party bus had arrived and would be waiting for us to start pictures.


I quickly enlisted the help of my mother and hair stylist, Kristy, to get me in my dress and put on my veil.  Once the dress was on, I turned around to look in the mirror and all of the nerves and butterflies I had months leading up to this day, completely vanished.  I look at my photographer Doug and said, “ I actually feel beautiful, like a princess.” He just smiled back at me and said, “ You always have been Kate.”  That’s when I acquired all of the confidence I needed to get me through the rest of the day.


I had three separate reveals for my brothers, my bridesmaids, and then also my dad.  Tears were involved and they looked so handsome all done up in their suits. My bridesmaids, like I mentioned, were simply stunning,  every single one of them unique in their own beauty.  We made our way downstairs to the bus.  We had to make sure that Seth was already gone since he and I’s reveal would be on the staircase at the venue.


Downstairs, we got to meet with the groomsmen for a first look!  I can’t say enough about the guys Seth had chose for his big day.  All of them played a unique role in making the day for both Seth & I.

We arrived at the venue and I prepared myself to see Seth for the first time. Wow, talk about nerves again.  My older brother led me down the staircase and I caught my first glimpse of Seth’s face.  He was fighting back emotion already.


Jason let me go and I walked to Seth all by myself.  The closer I got, the harder it was not to cry.  Everyone left the room and gave us a private moment.  I am so thankful for that as I will never forget that time between us.  We both composed ourselves and let everyone back in.


I walked around and looked at all of the decorations at the reception.  We hired a decorating company out of Springfield, Ohio to handle it all.  Ambience did a flawless job at making the venue beautiful.  So many little details that I was able to pick up on that were exact to what I had wanted.

image7 image42 image47\\

Pictures started quickly after and we even were able to get a few shots in the gym close by!  I cannot wait to see how those turned out.  We got on the party bus and made our way to the church for the ceremony!  The ceremony was beautiful and just like I imagined it would be.

image6 image10 image11

As the processional started dad and I stood there and looked at each other.  Right before it was our time to walk out and down the aisle, I looked at him and said, “You ready?”  He said, “Yes, are you?”  I nodded and saw the tears in his eyes.  That sent me  over the edge and I was sobbing as I walked out into the sanctuary.  I saw so many people smiling at me and some were also crying.  I fought the ugly crying the best I could but know that some of the photos will come back amusing.  As soon as I saw Seth it got worse.  You know, the ugly face you make when you are trying NOT to cry?? Yeah, imagine that times 10.  Regardless, the moment was perfect.


At the end of the ceremony, my uncle introduced us as man and wife and as we made our way down the stairs of the stage, Dad & I did something totally unplanned but completely perfect.  He held out his hand for a high five and I smacked the life out of it.  It was the loudest and funniest high five ever.

We had a make shift receiving line outside of the sanctuary and I finally got to see and hug everyone that had come to support us.  My heart was bursting at the seams at this point.


We made our way back to the reception and from there began the best night of my life.  I don’t know what I could talk about more, our first dance together and my non stop crying, the “5 minute” speech from my dad on sacrificial love,  my brothers’ speeches, the dancing,  the laughing, the memories, all of it.  We all have so many individual stories from that reception that are hilarious to look back on.  It truly was the best night of my life.  I have never been in one room with MORE love than that night.

image16 image17 image18 image19  image22 image25        image34  image36 image37  image40  image43   image49

The dancing and partying lasted far longer than we imagined it would as well and at one point my dad took over the mic and had to kindly start to shut it down.  At this point, Seth & I were getting ready to make our way back to the hotel to wrap up the night.  Obviously I will spare the details on that, but I will say that in my pile of keepsakes from my wedding, I have a Taco Bell receipt that will forever be special to me.  Before we went to sleep we both decided we wanted some Taco Bell so he took us thru the drive thru and we feasted.  Late night drive thru’s are kind of “our thing” so this was no surprise to me.


I had a hard time sleeping that night as I could not stop thinking about the night and everything that had happened.  I have honestly never felt more happiness in my life.  That’s the truth.


We woke up Sunday morning and went right to breakfast at Cracker Barrel.  This had been the plan for months and it was SO worth it.  Orange juice and carbohydrates have never tasted better to me.  I made a video compiling all of the footage from that day and photos.  Seth and I watched it Sunday evening and we both fought back tears.


I asked Seth if he was happy we had the wedding instead of running off to the courthouse and his response was, “ Yes I am glad we did it this way, and I would do it all over again if we could.”

I stressed over this day for so many months leading up to it, and honestly, for all you bride-to-be’s out there, it’s not worth the stress.  When I woke up Saturday morning I had not a single care in the world and I knew it was about to be the most perfect day of my life.  While trying to make sure your big day is perfect can definitely  cause for stress and worry, I would do it over again every weekend if I could.

I am spending life with my best friend and will now have a day to remember for the rest of my life.


Thank you all for attending and celebrating with us.  It was the most perfect day and evening.



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